Navigating the Catalog of Work

To the left are thumbnails of all work available on the Web site. This Catalog of Work arranges the art by category (Portraits, Self-Portraits, Nudes, and Landscapes) in a series of thumbnail images. Clicking any thumbnail on this page will take you to a full image of that work and will allow you to view other works in that category. You may always return to this page by clicking Catalog of Work, located on the upper left side of the page.

Each work has four views: the full image, two details, and an enlarged view. You may view the full image or either of the two details by clicking the appropriate thumbnail below the full image. The thumbnail of the image you are viewing will be faint.

To the lower left of the image is the phrase Enlarge +. Clicking on Enlarge + opens a pop-up window of the work filling the screen. Closing the pop-up window returns you to the Web site. Using Enlarge + only works for the full image…details cannot be viewed in the pop-up window.

Thumbnails of all art in the category of work that you are viewing appear on the lower left side of the page. Clicking on any work will place it in the center of the screen (and make its thumbnail faint).