"This last, most recent time that I saw the painting, I was deeply moved. It was a much more emotional experience to view us caught in this fragment of time because it is, of course, irrevocably gone. Recalling the person Reiko is now and seeing that part of her personality that is still her, and yet so changed in other ways, I realized how much Larry and I have also changed as individuals. Our family dynamic has changed—for the better because we each must grow in our own ways—but I still look at that painting and yearn, just a little, for that earlier time."


Michele LiCalsi graduated from New York Universityís Institute of Fine Arts and has enjoyed a longstanding career as an artist, art conservator, and teacher. Michele has worked in Italy, Turkey, and the United States. She has taught courses in drawing and in fresco, oil, and acrylic painting, with an emphasis on expression through color.

To expand her craft, Michele has traveled throughout Europe studying the Old Masters. Her educational and professional background has provided her with a broad range of knowledge and skills. Her art reflects the deep influence of the work of these great artists. Besides accurately recording her subjectís outer appearance, Micheleís particular talent remains in sensing the inner self, allowing us to perceive a personís character, rather than merely recognizing his or her likeness. Michele has enjoyed observing and drawing the human figure all her life. Her paintings capture the true character of the sitter with unerring instinct and in-depth understanding.

Michele currently lives in New York City. She accepts commissions from around the world and travels widely to meet with clients.